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Price List

NHS Charges

NHS Fee Schedule 2018/19

We are pleased to publish NHS fees for a selection of common types of dental treatment. These fees are only a guide and are for patients receiving and paying for NHS treatment.

For more information on the NHS and dentistry, visit the NHS Choices website.

Simpler Charging - Increased NHS dental charges from 1 April 2018

If you normally pay for NHS dental treatment, there are three standard charges. The amount you pay depends on what treatment you need.


NHS dental charges

There are three NHS charge bands.

Band 1: £21.60 includes an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays, a scale and polish and planning for further treatment.

Band 2: £59.10 includes all treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings, root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).

Band 3: £256.50 includes all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns, dentures and bridges.

URGENT: £21.60

For more information, see What is included in each NHS dental band charge?


What if I need more treatment?

If, within two months of completing a course of treatment, you need more treatment from the same charge band or a lower one, for example another filling, you don't have to pay anything extra.

However, after two months, you will have to pay an additional band charge.


Emergency treatment

If you require urgent care, you will only need to pay one Band 1 charge of £18.80. Most urgent treatments can be done in one appointment. However, if more than one visit is required and you return to the same dentist to complete your urgent treatment, the Band1 urgent charge is all that you should pay.

Once your urgent course of treatment is complete, you may be advised to make another appointment for a separate course of non-urgent treatment. In this case, the relevant Band charge will apply.


Private Charge Price List – All prices are from:

(including treatment plan) £40.00
Study models £30.00
Xrays from from £12.00
Oral hygiene treatment
Stain removal with the dentist £50.00
Appointment with the Hygienist £45.00
White fillings
(front teeth) from £70.00
(molar teeth) from £90.00
Root Canal treatment
Anterior tooth £175.00
Premolar tooth £200.00
Molar tooth £350.00
Surgical extraction £45-120
After care £20
Gradia inlay/onlay £375
Full gold crowns £350
Three quarter gold crown £350
Bonded porcelain crown £350
Captek £500
Amalgam core build up from £50
Bonded porcelain (per unit) £350
Adhesive bridges (maryland) £500
(N.B Number of units include teeth being replaced & abutments)
Full Dentures (Plastic)
Full upper only £350
Full lower only £350
Full upper and lower £620
Partial Dentures (Plastic)
Partial upper/lower £310
Denture Alterations
Denture ease £20
Addition each £100
Denture reline £80
Denture repair £40
Metal Dentures (Chrome Cobalt)
Skeleton design £600
Plate design £450
Upper/lower full denture with chrome plate £680
Cosmetic Dentistry
Whitening/bleaching both arches Home and power bleaching £400
(Evolution) £500
Porcelain veneers each £250
Internal bleaching per tooth £180
IPS Empress Veneer £410
Inside/out bleach £300
Soft acrylic biteguard £90
Sportguard £90
Recement inlay/onlay £40
Recement bridge £60
Prescription including examination £30
Temporary filling £30
Extirpate pulp and temporary filling £80
Perscription only £20

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